ACH & Check Processing

User-friendly options for any business type.

Seamless, solid payments technology you can trust.

Easily integrate with most existing point-of-sale hardware or payment gateways, so you can offer solutions that meet every need with reliable uptime.


ACH Benefits

Rates guaranteed to never increase
PCI Level 1 Certified
Advanced paymetnt solutions
Incentives that save you money
State-of-the-art fraud protection
First-rate customer service

Electronic check services include:


Point-of-Sale Conversion

Safely accept and process checks electronically at the point-of-sale, just like a credit card.


Check 21+

Get secure remote deposit for all types of paper checks.


Checks by Web

Accept online debit payments for Bill Pay or eCommerce through a merchant’s website or gateway.



Securely accept and process checks over the phone without costly physical terminal hardware.


ACH debit and credit

Process authorized ACH debit and credit transactions from a customer or business checking account.

How it Works – Electronic Deposits

green number

Paper check is received in the mail or at the point-of-sale

orange arrow
green number

Check scanned through a check reader that is connected to a POS terminal or virtual terminal

orange arrow
green number

Consumer checking account electronically debited and merchant funded

How it Works – ACH Debit or Credit a Checking Account

green number

Consumer or Business authorizes an electronic ACH debit or credit to their checking account

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green number

Transaction information uploaded to Paya through a variety of options (virtual terminal, payment gateway, API, or batch file)

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green number

Consumer checking account electronically debited or credited and funds transferred