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Don’t be a Target – Protect Your Customer Data!

September 22nd, 2015

To sharpen and build your safeguards is to get ahead of a security breach.

Modern technology has made advanced POS systems, data breaches and privacy violation more common. Thus, as a merchant protecting your customers information is vital when maintaining trust and affinity. The following will address key actions that, when taken, insures secure conduct.

Cloud-Based POS System

POS systems over the cloud joins simplicity, affordability, and security by removing sensitive information from the premises to a virtual vault, offering inherently fast, safe, and easy storage for your customer information.

Employee Security Awareness Training

Employees should be equipped with the tools necessary to protect customer data. Training programs that teach how to make strong passwords, the ability to detect exploits, and how to assess document data breaches will cultivate a skilled and secure workforce.

Assess What You Don’t Know

Consider a third party security partner to conduct a security audit and strategize a more efficient way to protect your customers’ information or to educate yourself of security risks involved for you and employees.

Purge Unnecessary Data

Unnecessary data; such as old physical and digital files; containing sensitive customer information, should be destroyed if it no longer serves a purpose.

If the unfortunate does occur, having a strategy to control damage and assist affected customers is essential. Putting a strong security process in place will go a long way to make sure a breach will never happen as part of PCI compliance.