Staying Relevant as Payments Change

October 20th, 2015

Technology continues to shake up the way we receive payments. Acquirers are making strategic plans and their partners can take advantage if they stay relevant. Listed below are 5 ways to meet the challenges and be prepared for the ways businesses choose payment partners today.

  1. Controlling the payment interface and the entire merchant relationship is different today. Merchants are looking for partners that can help with integrations so it’s important today to have a clean API.
  2. One solution will not meet the needs of all types of merchants. It’s critical to offer flexible solutions that serve different types of customers.
  1. Deliver merchants access to new channels. Doing business today needs to be easy and fast. Introduce Frictionless Applications and Click-to-Agree to engage merchants quickly.
  2. Embrace new payment types. Facilitate and educate the way merchants can accept payments today. NFC solutions to accept Apply Pay and Samsung Pay.
  3. Acquirers have valuable data that merchants want. Offering solutions to merchants that share valuable data that will grow their business will soon be expected.

Merchants understand the value of engaging a true payments partner. The challenge is to understand that it is a little different today since technology has changed the payments industry and continues to shake it up. The relationship may be the same but the dynamics to deliver payment options to help them sell more, reduce cost and create better experience requires staying strategic and being relevant with today’s new tech. To learn more about SignaPay | PayHub solutions – API, Flexible Pricing, Frictionless Applications, Click-to-Agree, Equipment and Analytics go to or call us at 866.790.3995.

Here is more information on the strategic and tech hurdles to stay relevant as an acquirer.