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Become a SignaPay Partner and Get Exclusive Access to the Partner Portal

July 26th, 2018

At SignaPay, we work hand in hand with our partners to make sure they have the right training and support to succeed. That’s why we’ve created the Partner Portal – an integrated platform that includes on-boarding, sales tools, training, and customizable marketing materials that our partners can implement and use to get their business started, grow their business, and increase profits over time.

“The SignaPay Partner Portal was created as a resource for our partners to go and access all of their sales and marketing materials. This includes anything from applications to onboarding paperwork to sales materials and marketing collateral such as brochures or flyers. Partners can also download videos and customize them with their own branding. We also allow partners to order their own PayLo landing page and full website if they want. It’s a huge resource in terms of saving time, saving money, and allowing our partners to do what they do best, which is going out in the field and selling,” said Robyn Roberts, Director of Marketing at SignaPay.

Even SignaPay ISO partners are talking about how the Partner Portal has transformed their business:

“Inside the SignaPay Partner Portal are all of the marketing and promotional pieces you can use to customize and brand your own business. They are a true partner and aren’t trying to push SignaPay’s name on everything. They allow you as the partner to customize based off of your needs and what you want. And after you get that account, SignaPay is really with you through every step of the process to make sure that the solution not only gets sold but also gets implemented and that your client gets processing,” said Chad Jacobson, Managing Partner at ProV3 Payments.

If you’re an ISO or merchant services provider that is looking for a new way to expand your business, get signed up today as a registered partner with SignaPay to gain full access to our industry leading Partner Portal. We are here to assist as your payments expert as well as your business advisor.

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