Turning Spooky Season into Sales 

October 23rd, 2022


Wondering how to incorporate this Halloween season into your business? Halloween is the gateway holiday to the rest of the winter season, so this is a great time to start promoting upcoming winter events and sales to prepare for the busy season. 

Here are 7 creative ways your business can participate in Halloween and strengthen customer relationships and sales in the process: 


1.     Host a Halloween Costume event: What better way to bring customers together for a good time than having a party or event in place! Have people dress up in their favorite Halloween costume ready to have a good time! Have a raffle for a prize or make treats for customers to enjoy. This is a great way to bring people together and associate a good time with your business. 

2.     Have a Pumpkin Carving Contest: A fun family event is sure to bring people through the door to your business, and who doesn’t love a little competition? Have the winner receive a gift card or a special deal. The special deal could be a coupon for customers to use during the holiday season.  

3.     Have candy at the ready: Children love sweets and having candy to give away to kids while adults shop or at checkout creates something special: brand loyalty! Parents remember stores that are friendly to bring their kids to, always. Offering a little relief to them creates repeat business that matters. 

4.     Company party: Have your employees dress up for a fun day of work and games. This is a great way to bring your employees together and have them connect and build relationships within your business. A strong business is built on the foundation of the satisfaction of it’s team! 

5.     Give away treats: Make goody bags with candy for your customers when they purchase something. Make sure to have your logo on the bags and put a business card in the bags as well. If you have an event coming up, make sure to make a flier and include that in the goody bag as well. Other options for things to hand out when someone makes a purchase could be fall candles, socks, or gift cards. 

6.     Offer Halloween products: Sell a Halloween product that is limited time only. This will attract people to your company because of the Halloween theme and allow them to browse your other products or services too. 

7.     Have a trick or treat day: Have a designated day where your company hands out candy to all the customers coming in. This brings a fun environment and people together, and who doesn’t like getting some candy during their day?