How to Avoid the Post-Christmas Sales Slump

December 14th, 2022
Sean Martillo

The Christmas season must end sometime, but that doesn’t mean your sales boom has to! Retail merchants know the pain of the post-Christmas sales slump, but using some of these tips below might help continue your momentum of sales well past new year’s.

  1. “New Year, New Me”
    Who hasn’t made a New Year’s Resolution before? After the new year a lot of folks have the mindset to establish new healthier behaviors (hitting the gym, eating better, being more productive). Take advantage of this trend by offering products that help people achieve those goals. Sporting equipment sales tend to be higher, so if you offer anything in that space, promotion is key! Same goes for healthy foods and diets or anything to help someone maintain that. Food journals, vitamins, water bottles, meal prep kits, anything like that! Don’t discount the good old calendar either, a lot of people focus on being more productive in the new year. They want to read more, be more organized, clean more, journal more, meditate more! The options are endless and offering products or services towards those goals will boost your sales for sure.
  2. “Out with the old…”
    Don’t discount the good ol’ clearance sale! New year means new products and services! If you have extra stock of an item that’s taking up more space than necessary, clearance it! Besides, with people’s pocket books a little tighter after the new year, who isn’t looking for a good deal on something that wasn’t delivered by Santa?
  3. Freshen up the place
    Whether you are a brick and mortar retail or restaurant, eCommerce retail or ghost kitchen, the new year is a great time to either freshen up or redecorate! Make sure to take down your Christmas decorations and think about rearranging or replacing some older looking d├ęcor. For online only merchants, consider refreshing your website if it’s been a while. Customers enjoy when an experience feels new and inviting and different, it gives them more reasons to come back and experience it all over again!
  4. Check-in to Check-Out
    The benefit of the holiday season is you get far more customers than during any normal month. If you collected any data, like emails or phone numbers, start sending out promotional emails with coupons or upcoming sales. You can even take it a step further if you’re a services-based business and see if there’s anything you can do for your customers in the new year. Need a toilet fixed? Have a fence that took a beating in the last snow storm? Need your yard clipped and trees pruned? Don’t underestimate the power of reaching out to your customers, it can not only keep your sales boom going after Christmas, but through the whole year!