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Begin processing online payments for your website with our shopping cart web checkout. With our online shopping cart web checkout, you can sell single or multiple item transactions, accept donations through a form or button, and offer a variety of ways for customers to pay.

Accept Payments Easily

Add just a snippet of HTML code to your website that we will provide and you will be on your way to accepting payments.

Automatic Receipts

Obtain automatic receipts for you and your customers that notify you of the transaction, complete with item information.

“Buy Now” Button

Begin adding basic information such as donation amount, price, item name and description, shipping cost, and more.

No Additional Cost

Build as many buttons as you want with no additional cost. Our solutions can be customized for your specific business needs.

I love that I can see transactions from my store and my website, in real time, on the Virtual Hub. It’s so much easier than what I had before!

I’m offering the PayLo Cash Discount, but most customers just want to go ahead and use the card and are fine with the costs. I haven’t had anyone complain and it’s been a huge savings for me.

PayLo has been great for me. My tabs run between $20-25 and I have very few customers ask about the service charge.The equipment has been really durable, holding up during fast-paced peak times.

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