Payment Gateway Integration

PayHub Gateway


With a PayHub payment gateway integration installed on your site, reducing gateway fees has never been easier for a merchant. Your gateway is how merchants protect cardholder using token ring encryption that ensures information is passed securely between merchants, customers, software and SignaPay payment processing. The PayHub payment gateway integration offers reporting and seamless integration for new and existing software developers in addition to merchants currently processing with SignaPay and partners who may be handling processing with another provider. 

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  • Payment APIs & Simple Payment Gateway Integrations 

  • Third-Party Integration – We have several shopping cart plugins.

  • Developer integrations that ranges from simple to complex.


PayHub is much more than just an online gateway. With our payment gateway integration you also gain access to the following benefits:

  • Virtual Terminal allowing you to process transactions and view reporting 
  • Customizable Web Checkout features - not your average "Buy Now!" button
  • Mobile solutions to collect payments anywhere you go

If you're looking to add a payment option to your site, our seamless payment gateway integration with PayHub is an option that will give you peace of mind when it comes to security and give you the necessary tools to grow your business at a sustainable rate.

Other compatible gateways:

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