Virtual Terminal

Securely Accept Payments Online

Collect and view all of your sales no matter how many ways you process payments with our Virtual Terminal. Our Virtual Terminal comes with the latest security standards and is completely PCI Compliant and PA-DSS Certified. All transactions are stored within our servers and greatly reduces PCI scope and instances of fraud.

Receive the following benefits using our Virtual Terminal:

  • Customize pages for your business
  • Easily manage what users have access to
  • Incorporate built in tools to minimize and stop fraud from happening
  • Set up recurring billing for scheduled payments
  • Process transactions and track revenue data easily

I love that I can see transactions from my store and my website, in real time, on the Virtual Hub. It’s so much easier than what I had before!

I’m offering the PayLo Cash Discount, but most customers just want to go ahead and use the card and are fine with the costs. I haven’t had anyone complain and it’s been a huge savings for me.

PayLo has been great for me. My tabs run between $20-25 and I have very few customers ask about the service charge.The equipment has been really durable, holding up during fast-paced peak times.

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