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A Better Way to Accept Payments

PayLo Dual Pricing gives customers a better payments experience.

Offer Customers Choice

PayLo Dual Pricing offers the technology to help merchants offer a card price and cash price in store. By clearly displaying both prices in stores, customers now have the choice to pay however they want more clearly.

Merchants simplify their experience by clearly disclosing both prices in store and letting the payments terminal do the rest of the work! The terminal display the option to the customer a price in card and a price in cash.

Getting Started is as Easy as...

Update Your Price Lists and Menus

Merchants are strongly recommended to update their menu prices to properly reflect a Card and Cash price on all store items.

Post Your Signage

Time to ditch your old and homemade signs! Replace them with card brand compliant signage the properly alerts your customers to dual pricing inside.


Once you’ve setup all your signage and updated your prices, you’re ready to start processing! The payment terminal handles all the calculations so you don’t have to worry about doing anything besides running your business.

Every new PayLo merchants receives a Welcome Kit with everything you need to get started as soon as possible.

How does PayLo Dual Pricing Work?

Prices in Store Reflect Card Price

The displayed price in store must be the Card price. In some states, merchants are required to display both the card and cash price. 

Ring Up Your Sale

With PayLo Dual Pricing’s software built into every terminal, the terminal will automatically calculate the card price and cash price. 

Payment Flexibility

When customers are asked to pay, they will be presented with the total sale amount as the card price and cash price. They can then choose to pay whichever is best for them.

Businesses of All Kinds Can Use PayLo Dual Pricing

paying teminal

Retail and Restaurant brick-and-mortar business need to be able to accept all forms of payment safely, securely and compliantly. We offer a wide variety of terminals, POS systems and more.


Whether you are creating invoices or running an online store, taking payments online or over the phone, our gateway options have you covered!

paying with card

Our handheld mobile terminals and card readers are here to help businesses on-the-go accept payments from anywhere.

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