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Are you looking for a way to accept credit cards and free up more capital each month to put toward your overhead expenses? The PayLo Service Fee Program is the solution for you. Be able to apply service fees to your in-store purchases and - if you wish - offer a discount to cash-paying customers.

Calcuate your savings

Find out how much you can save.

About how much do you process in credit card payments each year?


Find out how much you will save About how much do you process in credit card payments each year?


Easy as 1,2,3


Plug It In

Your PayLo Welcome Kit comes with all the equipment, instructions and service fee signage you need to get up and running quickly.

Trifold and sticker

Post Signs

Whether you are a restaurant, retail or mobile payment vendor, we have signage to fit your needs and keep you in compliance.


Start Saving

Start saving money with your very first transaction. At the end of the month get a summary of your entire savings analysis.

How does it work?

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The amount is entered and the terminal automatically calculates the non-cash service fee to charge the customer.

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The receipt clearly breaks down the sales and non-cash charge for retail and restaurant locations - accounting for the tip when necessary.

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The full sales amount goes directly to the merchant and PayLo uses the non-cash charge to cover interchange costs, authorization costs, and transaction costs.

Equipment Options

In Store

Retail and Restaurant brick-and-mortar businesses need to be able to accept all credit cards and checks safely and securely. We offer a wide variety of terminals and POS Systems.

On the Go

Our handheld terminal and mobile credit card readers allow you to take payments from anywhere.


Whether you are creating online invoices or taking payments over the phone, our robust PayHub+ Gateway has you covered.

PayLo Partner Program

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