Let’s Talk – Mobile Payments

October 29th, 2015

Consumers use mobile devices to pay bills, shop and use mobile apps to make their life easier.

Consumers have been getting comfortable with mobile payments over the last five years. They are continuing to experiment and test and will continue over the next few years, but after that watch how it grows and see how mobile payments increases. $142 million is expected in mobile payments over the next 4 years, reported by Forrester, a technology research firm.

We are all watching how ApplePay is going to impact mobile transactions. What we already know from experience is that Apple changes the way consumers do things and that will directly relates to growth of mobile payments.

ApplePay has everyone talking payments – retailers, merchant processors, referral agents, merchants, banks and consumers. There has been a lot of talk about security and technology but what’s most important is talk is educating the merchant and consumer on Near Field Communication (NFC) and Contactless payment solutions. And that understanding has created competition in the payments space.

We find ourselves talking about our next steps and that includes building new relationships, expanding technology solutions and talking to our merchants and agents about what we can do to ensure they are ready for the growth of mobile payments.

We what to talk to merchants about why they should consider mobile solutions, upgraded equipment, benefits of point of sale system to expand their payment solutions and how EMV Chip Card technology will reduce risk and minimize fraud. Contact SignaPay at 888.944.1399