Are fraudsters targeting your business?


Chances are if you haven’t upgraded your credit card processing equipment or you have unsolicited phone orders you may be a target to fraudsters during the holiday season.

Regardless of whether you are a diner, auto parts store or a clothier, you could be at risk of fraud with counterfeit cards.  If a merchant accepts credit card payments and isn’t using an EMV capable device fraudsters see you as easy prey.  If your method for accepting payments doesn’t include an EMV capable device you, the merchant, have 100% of the liability with no defense.

If you are a retail merchant and someone has contacted you to purchase merchandise from out of state think before you ship!

If you sell something that would be readily available in most any state ask yourself or ask your customer how they found out about your products. Understand what makes you different than a retailer in their city or state that would carry similar merchandise and be diligent about getting good information on who you are dealing with before you ship!  You may need to say No to a phone order because the sale may not be worth the risk.

Fraudsters are looking to get anything for free.  Don’t let your business be their next victim. Upgrade your equipment to an EMV certified solution to avoid chargebacks and any potential lost income and know your customer before shipping goods.

To learn more about SignaPay | PayHub solutions – Fraud Prevention, Flexible Pricing, Frictionless Applications, Click-to-Agree, Equipment and Analytics, and the EMV Liability Shift go to or call us at 866.790.3995.

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