Are You Ready for Small Business Saturday?


November 26, 2021, is Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is coming up soon! SignaPay has been serving small businesses in your communities for 15 years and knows how important they are to our American economy. Small Business Saturday is an annual holiday where we celebrate our small businesses and encourage consumers to shop small to support their local communities. SMS always falls on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, which the official start to the holiday shopping season! This keeps it on consumers’ minds as they shop around town to think about shopping small.

Here’s what merchants can do to take advantage of Small Business Saturday:

Register for Small Business Saturday
American Express is one of the largest proponents of Small Business Saturday with their Shop Small campaign. They offer a tool online to register your small business on their list of local businesses for customers to look up and shop at! It’s easy and free, and an amazing resource to getting your name out there! Register with Shop Small by American Express now.

Promote Your Business on Social Media
Promoting yourself as a local small business on social media is a great way to garner attention. American Express also has on their Shop Small website marketing kits for different business types to promote shopping small. If you’re having sales on the Black Friday weekend, promote those too as part of Small Business Saturday.

Offer Specials and Discounts
Reward customers that shop with you by offering a small discount, a gift with their purchase, gift wrapping. These little things really help go a long way and help promote the personal touch that small businesses can provide.

Don’t Try to Compete with the Big Box Stores
Being a small business gives you the unique position of selling an experience on top of selling merchandise. Focusing on the experience and personal touches will set your business apart from the anonymity of the big stores.

Ease Customer Stress
Holiday shopping can be stressful! By offering free gift-wrapping or shipping can help ease the stress of customers needing to shop for the holidays.

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