Exclusive Benefits and Discounts with Merchant Benefits Club


Merchant Benefits Club by SignaPay offers exclusive discounts and benefits on products and services specifically to save merchants money. These discounts and benefits are not available to the general public and are only possible due to our strong buying power and strategic relationships. Our goal is simple – to provide our merchants with access to discounts and benefits that reduces their operating expenses and makes a significant difference on their bottom line.

Get Discounts From Over 50 Recognized Brands

Equipment Replacement
Never let your equipment wear out. Members get malfunctioning or broken equipment replaced for one low restocking fee of $49.

Processing Supplies
Keep that processing paper rolling with free paper supplies
– up to 1 roll for every 75 transactions made on average.

Office Supplies
Get discounts on office products from retailers like Office Depot and Staples.

We work with UPS to give you shipping discounts of up to 28%. Overnight delivery discounts start at 14% off.

Security Fraud
Protect yourself with discounts off identity theft services such as LifeLock, Core ID, iDefend Business and InfoSafe.

Telecom & Text Services
Save up to 6% off phone system costs, 15% off cell phone rates and 33% off loyalty texting programs.

Business Services
Get up to 85% off retail packaging, office products, cleaning supplies, safety equipment, furniture and more.

HR & Payroll 
Get 27% off ADP business services, including payroll, retirement, admin services and background check services.

Get the best possible pricing on a suite of marketing services and software such as email, print, web design and domain hosting services.

Enjoy steep discounts on everything from airfare to car rentals and hotel stays to full vacation packages.

Insurance Services
Save up to 50% on business insurance platforms and get free risk consultations with licensed agents.

Technology & IT
Get up to 20% off fast and affordable tech support, free system backup services and discounts off software from Adobe, Lenovo and Palo Alto.

Ready to get started? Contact SignaPay at 800.944.1399 or support@signapay.com to take advantage of this program.

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