How to Prepare for Small Business Saturday


Small Business Saturday is just a few weeks away! Are you ready? Now is the time to start preparing and promoting your business to make the most of this holiday. But, how?

Let customers know you are participating!

To attract customers on Small Business Saturday, American Express has made it easy for you with a website dedicated to all the marketing materials you will need. From posters, social media posts to email templates download them now at

Start using the holiday’s social media hashtags on all your social media posts:

#ShopSmall, #ThinkBigShopSmall, and #SmallBusinessSaturday. Also, don’t forget to follow Small Business Saturday on Facebook to get important information. Schedule social media posts announcing your participation in Small Business Saturday and any sales in advance by spending an afternoon planning out your posts. Reach new customers by advertising with Google Adwords, Twitter and Facebook. You can provide consumers with a customized experience by launching geo-targeted ads to your desired audience.

Offer sales, incentives, and loyalty rewards.

Get on social media by promoting these deals and using the corresponding hashtags. You can even offer snacks and refreshments, gift bags, and other things that will get people excited to walk in your door.

Here are some promotional themes you can use:

Shop Small

Buy Local

A day when we all shop small

A big day for small business

Celebrate America’s small businesses

If you have a website:

Make sure your website  is mobile friendly and up to date with inventory, promotional offers and holiday hours.

Prepare your staff:

With extra training, making sure they know your product details and where they can find them for your customers. Don’t forget, to reiterate that exceptional customer service is a must.

Take extra precautions!

To ensure your customers know their personal and credit card information is safe.  Be sure you are up to date with Payment Card Industry standards (PCI).

Most importantly!

Don’t forget to let your customers know that you are very thankful for their business on Small Business Saturday and give them a coupon for them to come back to use at a later day. It will to bring them back to your store and could possibly turn the shopper into a life-long customer. Also, don’t forget the day after to post on your social media pages thanking everyone for their support on Small Business Saturday.

These are just a few things to start preparing your business. There is so much more you can do! Stay tuned for more ideas and checklists!

New to Small Business Saturday?

Learn more about it here: A History of Small Business Saturday.  Also, find out what makes this holiday special: The Importance of Small Business Saturday


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