SignaPay Launches Exclusive New Suite of Payment Offerings


SignaPay Launches Exclusive New Suite of Payment Offerings

Three New Payment Solutions Available for Merchants

Irving, TX – August 30, 2018 — SignaPay, a leading merchant services and payment solutions provider, is pleased to introduce a brand new suite of solutions available for merchants – including Merchant Benefits Club, SignaCash, and ACH Payments.

Merchant Benefits Club is one of the most robust discount supplier programs in the marketplace today, combining the power of brand name suppliers, high value discounts (and benefits), and ease of use. The program focuses on delivering discounts on suppliers that will help merchants reduce operating expenses.

With over 60+ suppliers, merchants can save from a variety of categories including office supplies, shipping, business services, hotels, and travel services.

“Merchant Benefits Club will give smaller businesses access to hundreds of products and services at rates usually only given to large companies,” says SignaPay VP of Sales, Matt Nern. “By integrating this program, SignaPay merchants will have the capability to save substantial business expenses and increase their bottom line.”

SignaPay is also pleased to announce the launch of SignaCash. SignaCash supports small businesses by offering access to hassle-free finance options so they can develop and grow their company. With access to over 2,500 lending programs nationwide, merchants will be able to use funds to start their business, gain financial assistance for business equipment, and apply for a SBA loan for well qualified merchants.

“SignaCash is the new revolution for financial options available to merchants. Now, merchants can access thousands of lending programs to choose from that best suits their business needs, all with no upfront fees,” said SignaPay CEO, John Martillo.

SignaCash offers  access to several funding types – including short term, mid term, long term, and open term.

ACH Payments is another new offering SignaPay is providing for merchants, This solution will allow merchants to accept and process checks electronically in all environments, safely and securely. By incorporating ACH payments, merchants will be able to increase sales by accepting more payment types and eliminate banking fees and paper check handling costs.

“ACH Payments are applicable for a variety of merchant types – including retail, ecommerce, B2B, and personal services. Even better, merchants can review detailed online reporting of all payment activity, making it an ideal solution to incorporate,” said SignaPay VP of Sales, Matt Nern.

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