Take Aways from Money 20/20 by Jeff Brown, President of SignaPay


 “Change is the end result of all true learning.” ― Leo Buscaglia

Money 20/20 was a tremendous educational experience for any payments professional.  Not only was it a networking opportunity, it was also wall to wall education on the latest technology and trends in payment processing.
It brought together next level thinkers from all aspects of payments into one place.  Some of the interesting topics were:

– The impact of Bitcoins 

– Rollout of the innovative Poynt terminal

– State of the Union from Visa and American Express CEOs

– The mobile point of sale evolution

– Risk and fraud management

– Real-Time payments

– Mobile shopping applications and beacon technology

Several new applications and products were pitched to the attendees at various breakout sessions. These addressed B2B network creations to handle invoicing and payments, an app that rounds up transactions and donates the change to charities and an application that integrates gift, loyalty and payments into one.
The reality is change in our industry will continue and the ability to be flexible and responsive is critical. The addition of PayHub gives SignaPay the technology resources to bring new applications and products to our merchants and partners positioning all of us for continued growth.

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