What PPE is Right for Me?

Personal Protection Equipment and Your Business

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As more and more businesses open their doors and increase their capacities, many are still wary of the dangers of COVID-19. Many businesses are following guidelines set by their local and state governments and are struggling to find resources on acquiring Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, for the employees. For many, they might not even know what they could be doing to ensure their employees safety and encouraging social distancing in their store. Here are some tips to get them started and a few vendors who are supplying PPE’s.

Who’s selling PPEs? Here’s who we recommend* seeking PPE supplies from:
Uline – masks, gloves, janitorial and cleaning supplies. uline.com
Seton – signage, gloves, masks, social distancing markers seton.com
Emedco – signage, sneeze-guards, social distancing markers, janitorial and cleaning supplies. emedco.com
Star Micronics: POS Shields and Sneeze-guards. starmicronics.com

*Not a paid endorsement.

What PPE is Right for Me? by Sean Martillo

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