Important Features Mobile Payment Solutions Offer Restaurants


As a restaurant owner, you may be looking for new and innovative ways to service your customers on top of enhancing your business. One way you can do this is by incorporating mobile payment solutions. A study led by Hospitality Technology magazine announced 47 percent of respondents said integrating EMV-capable mobile POS systems positively influenced the need to upgrade their payment solutions. Mobile payment solutions offer a variety of benefits for restaurants and can help streamline day-to-day business tasks as well.

Let’s take a further look at some of the features mobile payment solutions can offer restaurants:

Boosts Customer Service

Restaurants can enhance their level of customer service with the addition of mobile payment solutions. During 2014, Chili’s upgraded their payment solutions at over 800 restaurants within the U.S. with 45,000 tablets. These tablets now allowed customers to control their restaurant experience by placing orders at the table, paying at the table including adding a tip, and receiving their receipt via e-mail. Even though customers still rely on the help of a waiter, the mobile tablet assists with expediting and improving the dining experience.

Digital Interaction with Customers

One unique capability mobile payment solutions offer is that they create customer-to-restaurant interactions. With millions of Americans using their smartphone device on a daily basis, it’s important for restaurants to take advantage of this and begin interacting with their customers digitally. Restaurants can achieve this by incorporating mobile-based marketing campaigns. Sending coupons to customers via text and leveraging loyalty programs on social media will allow restaurants to take their business to a whole new level of interaction.

Inexpensive Option

Compared to a traditional bulky POS solution, mobile payment solutions are significantly cheaper and smaller in size – making them a more appealing solution. In fact, experts predict that most businesses will replace outdated POS solutions with iPads within the next five years. Set up costs for tablet-based POS solutions have proven to be cheaper by thousands of dollars.

“For a small company like us where $10,000 makes a huge difference, that was a key differentiator,” said Shannon Seip, small business owner of Bean Sprouts Café & Cooking School. “That might mean an extra oven that we might need, right there.”

Analyze and Track Data

Another plus of adding mobile payment solutions to a restaurant is the ability to collect important customer data digitally. Customer satisfaction surveys can now be incorporated digitally within a tablet, allowing customers to record their dining experience upon check out. For restaurants, this is extremely beneficial as the likelihood of surveys accidently being thrown away upon clearing the table will be reduced and are also accurately recorded. In addition, all the information collected from surveys can be transpired into a digital report for restaurant owners to analyze and use to improve their business moving forward.

Mobile payment solutions provide advanced features and benefits that all restaurant owners should look into adding. Between improving customer service, providing a digital interaction with customers, a cheaper financial option, and the ability to analyze customer data, mobile payment solutions are an investment work making.

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